This project was set-up to fully translate the Japanese PS1 game Ace Combat 3: electrosphere from Japanese to English.

We first started with an existing English translation of the in-game text. We then refined this translation parallel to playing the game extensively to make sure the story flowed.

We then made this story available as HTML documents. Our ultimate aim was to have a playable game with all the Japanese text translated to English. The difference from the official Namco English release will be that ALL 52 missions will be translated by fans who love the game.

We believed that our release of the game will be a much more faithful re-creation in the way the original authors intended. There was and still is no "roadmap" or timescale for the project however we achieved the following milestones:

  • 2009 - Project inception
  • 2010 to 2012 - Game data digging and hacking in progress
  • 2016 - first release of International Edition featuring English subtitles for all 52 missions from both discs
  • 2017 - Project Nemo gave a talk about the project at OggCamp 2017 in Canterbury, UK. Team also interviewed for Ace Combat Lighthouse
  • 2023 - v0.9b Fan Translation released

This project is unofficial and non-profit.

From the Wikipedia article:

Released in 1999, the Japanese version is extremely story-driven, featuring anime cutscenes, detailed characters, and 52 missions, with multiple paths through the game and 5 possible endings.
The Japanese version introduced some elements carried over to Ace Combat 04, including radio chatter between comrades and enemies, and intelligent wingmen.
The American and European versions, released a year later, have been extremely criticized for removing almost all of the story elements, including all of the cutscenes, and cutting the game down to 36 missions.

The Team

Active crew, in no particular order...

  • Co-founder, Project Manager, Blogger: DragonSpikeXIII
  • Translator: BRPXQZME
  • Translator: pmt7ar
  • Game Data Mining: esperknight
  • Game Tools Engineer: Dashman
  • Translator, Quality Assurance: Greenrose
  • Co-founder, Webmaster, Sysadmin: Imran Chaudhry / Iceman-UK

Inactive crew

Coder: Gipphe.

We are all volunteers on the project. If you think you have something to contribute to our effort then please contact us - thanks!